Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Baby Food Diet

Have you thought you'd seen it all in terms of fad mono diets?  There's tons of diets based on eating a single food or food group.  These include the grapefruit diet, the legendary cabbage soup diet, the popular cookie diet, and even the fried chicken diet!  The basis of a mono diet is that a person can only eat one, single thing for a certain period of time.  Then due to human nature, the person will get so bored of eating that one thing that they won't want to eat anymore. So they stop eating and lose weight.  But when a person returns to a normal diet, they start eating EVERYTHING due to deprivation and then gain all the weight back and likely some more.  Despite the predictable failed outcome to these diets, they continue to reappear in new forms.  The most recent being in innocent baby food form. 

This may make the most sense of all the diets I mentioned.  Pureed organic baby food does not cost that much and there is a lot of variety including vegetables, fruits and lean meat.  Unfortunately, it is still not enough for a person to sustain themselves on. The nutrients available in baby food is made for, you guessed it, babies. Cute little 10 pound creatures. Not adults.  Plus at the end of the day, the stuff is still processed.  So I'd ask that you stay away from this diet and any of these fad mono diets.  However, I do have a tip around baby food that I learned from fellow holistic health counselor, Liz of Mind Body Basics.  For those of us who can't seem find a great snack on the go or when traveling, bring along a pouch of baby food like the one in the above picture and when hungry, slurp it like a Go-gurt.  It's a convenient, cheap and organic snack.  Happy slurping!

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