Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quote for the Week courtesy of Dr. Oz

“For every dollar we spend on prescription drugs, we spend a dollar  to fix a complication.”
— Mehmet Oz, M.D., Professor of Surgery at Columbia University
 and author “YOU: The Owner’s Manual” and “YOU: On A Diet”
A picture is worth a thousand words...
This week's quote is a bit different than the aspirational quotes I've posted in the past.  This week's quote by Dr. Oz states a grave reality that our society is facing.  Medication has been touted to fix our diseases.  It has shifted how we eat, live, sleep and treat our bodies in general.  Because of medication, disease is not seen as something we can prevent or treat naturally but something to be remedied, when the time comes, with a pill, shot, elixir or other method of treatment.  Unfortunately, medications have not helped us but causes more diseases for which we take even more medication. 
Take time today to evaluate what more can you do to practice preventative medicine - not reactive.

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