Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn New Beginnings

I gotta admit, I was stuck in a rut in August. I felt like I was moving forwards in so many aspects of my life but being held back in so many others.  I'm definitely missing IIN and the amazing energy from the classes and the friends I've made.  My full time gig has been tough with a couple of less than mindful projects.  At the same time, I did receive my Reiki certification, bought a new car, and visited family!  Looking back on August, it was overall a good month and I post this in September because I'm heading towards the tail-end of my rut.  I'm ready to become a bigger (in some ways) and better me starting this month!
To me, September/autumn has always meant rebirth and a new start more so than January/the new year and April/spring.  I blame this entirely to the school system and the back-to-school sales at which I piled my shopping cart high with new Bic lead pencils (0.5mm, of course), Papermate pens, Trapper Keepers(!!), Five Star notebooks, plastic lunch boxes with cartoons on them, and new clothes.  The brand spanky new school supplies symbolized a much greater newness in my life that started every fall for 17 straight years.  Every year was a new year, an advancement from last and an opportunity to make new friends, learn more and shed a little bit of the old me behind.  This was especially true when I transitioned to a different school which happened in elementary, middle and high school and college. 
As I head into this fall, I look forward to embracing a sense of a new beginning and improving on who I was and who I've become in the past year.  Starting this fall, I plan to continue to develop my business with new programs (check out my latest here!), meditate more, practice my Reiki, sleep more, practice lots more yoga, embrace the season with leaf peeping trips and visits to a corn maze, apple orchard, and pumpkin patch, and be a better girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter, cousin, etc.  What are your thoughts of September?  Does this time of year conjure up the same feelings for you as it does for me?  What are your goals as we head into the season of leaves a-changing, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and trick o' treaters?

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