Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat Well to Excel Teleclass!

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm really excited to announce a very new development-I'll be hosting my first teleclass this Sunday!  This class is inspired by my friends who have been and are studying for the CFA exam which takes place in June.  Anyone who is studying for a test or trying to use their brain power can benefit from this teleclass.  It will cover tips and tools that you can start implementing today to get the most out of your studies!  Below are the details, or you can check out my Events page!
How would you feel if you passed your big test?
How are you feeling now?
Are your eyes burning?
Brain fried?
Learn how to reap the MOST benefits from your effort!
Don’t let all those hours of studying go to WASTE!
Take action and learn how to Eat and Live WELL to EXCEL!

Eat Well to Excel Teleclass
   • Usable, simple tools and tips you can start implementing DURING the call
   • Opportunity to have your questions answered
   • Handout summarizing tips from the call
   • Access to the call if you can’t make it
   • A special offer
Don't waste any more time: Sign Up NOW
All you need is a phone!

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