Monday, May 3, 2010

Tip for the Week: Walk it Out

Every Sunday I will post a quote, thought, or tip to ease you into Monday and carry you throughout the week. (sorry that today's is a bit late)

I spent yesterday afternoon in one of Boston's suburb. I walked from the train stop to a shopping plaza about a mile away and did not run into a single soul on the sidewalk. There were plenty of cars and trucks but no one using the most natural form of transportation: our legs! So that inspired this week's tip: try to walk more this week! Park the car a little further away from where you normally park. You'd probably get to where you are going quicker without circling the parking lot 5 times. Walking is probably the easiest way for us to incorporate more activity into our days and utilize our muscles. Also, walking allows us to slow down and smell the roses! Spring has finally sprung in the Northeast. Enjoy it! Relish it! Soak it in because before you know it, you'll be complaining of the heat and humidity.

What are some ways you are going to incorporate more walking into your routine this week?

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