Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week of Tips: Ground Yourself: Get in Touch with Nature

Another day, another tips on how to ground ourselves this fall.  See the previous posts of the week on Fall Cleaning, Fall Eating, and Grounding Meditation.

One of the main reasons fall is my favorite season, aside from Thanksgiving, is the changing of the leaves and the earthy smell that comes with it! Like spring, nature is very active in the fall. There is lots going on in order to prepare for the winter.  Animals are harvesting, trees are shedding their leaves, and birds are flying south.  You could say that nature does its own fall cleaning.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the earth is the most grounding element we can access.  The word "grounding" has its origins with the earth.  Apparently, in witchcraft, to ground yourself is to psychically reinforce your connection with the Earth by reopening an energy channel between your aura and the ground (source).  The earth provides us the main tool to keep us physically grounded: gravity.  Then it provides us a ground to walk on in which we can receive the enormous energy of the earth which spiritually and mentally grounds us.

Because there is usually so much going on in our lives in the fall, a great way to learn to go with the flow is to get in touch with the earth and nature.  By being outside, we can get in sync with nature and be able to go along with the ebb and flow of the season. Some great ways to get out there and experience nature are going apple or pumpkin picking, raking and/or playing in the fallen leaves, taking a walk in the woods or a park, cleaning up your garden and harvesting, and lastly, go leaf peeping!  Leaf peeping is going to see the fall foliage and some people do it on a long drive and others go out to the woods or mountains.  Appreciating, admiring and enjoying nature - that's good stuff.

What activities are you going to do this fall to be in touch with nature?

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