Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week of Tips: Ground Yourself: Hibernate

It's the last tip of this week of tips on how we can ground ourselves this fall! I hope you have had the opportunity to read the tips from earlier this week.  If not, here's a recap: Fall Cleaning, Fall Eating, Grounding MeditationGetting in Touch with Nature, Visiting a Tree, and Grounding Ourselves.
So if you haven't gotten the trend this week, it's learning and implementing tips on how to ground ourselves in the fall, after a warm summer spent outdoors.  Fall in the Northeast is usually fairly pleasant. Not a depiction of the brutal winters at all.  But as a mammal, my warm blood can feel that winter is right around the corner.  As you look around, you can see nature's plants shedding their summer leaves and retreating to their roots for the winter.  Animals also prepare for the winter.  Birds fly south to warmer climates.  Mammals forage, harvest, and stuff themselves silly for the winter because in winter A) there is no food, B) even if there was food, they don't want to go out to get it or C) they are hibernating, sleeping away the winter in a cute little curled up bundle in a cave somewhere.
Now I am by no means telling you to forage, harvest and stuff yourself silly.  We have the modern convenience of having food readily available year round.  But I would like for all of us to take a cue from the animals and start preparing our bodies and homes for the winter during which we want to hibernate, as the bears and squirrels do.  
The sun is rising later and setting earlier.  Nature is telling us to go home and rest.  Listen to what the world is telling you and skip that happy hour, have an early dinner and get to bed. Our bodies naturally want to rest in the winter. There is no need to run it ragged.  Hibernate from 10 to 6. Trust me - your body will thank you.

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