Friday, October 8, 2010

Week of Tips: Ground Yourself: "You're Grounded"


"You're grounded."  As a kid, that wasn't such a good thing to hear.  When we were "grounded" as kids by our parents, we were sent to a corner in the room for "timeout" or our room, which, back in the day, was not equipped with flat screen TVs or laptops with wireless capabilities, heck, I didn't even have a radio in my room!  Getting grounded was a time for us to go to a quiet place and reflect on our wrongful actions.

You can kind of say that "getting grounded" spiritually encompasses the same idea.  The difference is that we are grounding ourselves (which we voluntarily do) vs. having the grounding imposed on us (which is a punishment).  A great way to ground ourselves is to retreat to a quiet place and reflect.  This can be our room, a getaway to a meditation center, or visit to a house of worship.  Dedicating time to reflect with the purpose of learning and moving on is a powerful form of grounding ourselves.

The weekend is right around the corner-TGIF!  Take the time as a perfect opportunity to ground yourself.  This is a great time to visit a spiritual center, a yoga studio or just our rooms to reflect on our experiences of the summer, learn and move forward with brilliant intentions for the fall.

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