Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Answers to Your Business Questions!

I am excited to announce the launch of my consulting practice servicing small businesses in the health and wellness industry!! I have a background as a strategic and management consultant and some of my favorite conversations at school have been in helping my classmates with their business questions. These conversations and a recent opportunity with a small healthy beverage company in NYC have inspired me to branch out and start my own consulting practice! I see this new practice as a marriage of two of my key strengths and passions: business strategy and health/wellness. My ability to think of business on a "holistic" level enables me to see the big picture and identify underlying issues that may be causing progress to be stagnant. It's kind of like health coaching, just on a business issue and not a disease, disorder or discomfort.

An example of what I can offer: The beverage company I mentioned above is a start-up and is growing rapidly. They want to ensure their operations are efficient and going to meet increasing demand. I've been working with some of their personnel to identify core areas of improvement, gaps in their strategy, operational deficiencies, and product development to meet market trends.

My mission is to provide the business support and tools needed to advance small companies in the health and wellness industry enabling market growth and visibility, and ultimately, a healthier world. These businesses include practices of health counselors, chiropractors, doctors, therapists, and trainers, retailers, wellness centers, food producers, product manufacturers, restaurants, gyms, "green" companies, yoga studios, etc.

My services are here to answer any business questions you may have. Right now, I plan to offer my services on a call by call basis (at a much reduced price) but will become retainer-based as my business grows. My consultations will be guided by my clients' needs which can include brainstorming, idea generation around marketing and product, discussion of target market, establishing growth strategy, and setting foundational elements like vision and purpose.

I offer services for 15, 30, and 60 minute consultations. I also offer a retainer of 3 hours that is redeemable in half hour increments.  Discounts are given to IIN students and alumni!  Email me to find out how I can elevate your business to the next level!

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