Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cleansing Safely

So you know why we need to detox. Next thing to address is how do we do it? 

The answer is: slowly.

You may be tempted to get toxic-free as quickly as possible.  As I mentioned in Cleansing = Detoxing, detoxing quickly overwhelms the body and can be very painful. And it is likely to cause you to relapse back into your former lifestyle-the one that made you want to detox in the first place.  I highly recommend for you to detox gradually. This enables the body to adjust to the toxins being reintroduced into your system in a relatively symptom-free manner. The easiest way to do this is to slowly clean up your diet. Start eating a diet based more on whole foods. Limit or eliminate processed foods, eating out, and the following: caffeine, white (refined) flour, white (refined) sugar, meat, and dairy. Oh and for obvious reasons, alcohol. And I would increase fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, whole grains, and water.

By taking these simple steps, your body will detox at a slower rate. You will usually not experience harsh detox symptoms except maybe if you are a coffee, caffeine or sugar addict. Following a diet that has more whole foods in it lessens the stress on your body and allows it to concentrate on eliminating those toxins. Overhauling the diet and detoxing is not something that can be successfully achieved overnight.  A cleanse can be a perfect tool to jumpstart these changes.  

So start cleaning up your diet to get ready for our cleanse! Look for a post on Monday announcing details of the cleanse, the community support you will have, and how you can sign up!

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