Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tip for the Week: Plan Your Meals

It's Sunday! The eve of a new week. Many of us, well not me, will be heading somewhere the upcoming weekend. But before you get to the long weekend, you have 5 laborious days to get through. There will be meetings to pay attention during, trains to catch and much planning in anticipation of spending time with family and friends oo'ing and ahh'ing at fireworks. One of the ways to get through a busy week is to plan your meals ahead. It takes the heavy thinking out of your evenings so that you can rest. This is definitely an area I need to work on. The bf and I have many staples that we make weekly or biweekly, but we almost always decide what to have for dinner the day of. It puts an unnecessary amount of stress that I would love to avoid. So join me this week and plan out your meals.

Other benefits of planning your meals besides sanity are savings in time and money. By having a dinner menu for the week, you will know what groceries to purchase which saves  making multiple trips to and from the store as well as being an efficient shopper at the store. Additionally, by saving time in your evenings, you can spend more time on my blog! :) Planning can also save you money, if you want it to. When planning, you can integrate sale items from the store circulars and make them a part of your meals or you can plan around the remaining items in your pantry or freezer. This is especially helpful before payday or month end, such as this week, when you may be strapped for cash.

Happy planning and let me know how it goes!

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