Friday, June 18, 2010

Dissing Disease, Disorder & Discomfort

Not a day goes by that I do not hear about someone experiencing a disease, disorder or discomfort. What an awful set of words, huh?

They describe both major and minor illnesses and ailments. Diseases are often indicative of more serious conditions like heart disease, cancers, and AIDS. Disorders include psychological issues like depression or ADD and digestive disorders like colitis and Crohn's. Discomfort is described as back pain, upset stomachs, and headaches.

Did you realize that there is a common prefix for all of these words? "Dis-" means not or lack of. Disease is to not be in ease. Disorder is not to be in order. Discomfort is not to be in comfort. These words were developed to describe feelings of dis-ease, dis-order, and dis-comfort.

When these words were established, they all meant the same thing-to simply not feel well. Today, these words are used to describe ailments of all areas of the body and of varying levels of intensity. Our society's health has gotten so bad that the sense of what ease, order and comfort mean are very different than when the words were originally coined.

Our bodies should always be at ease, in order, and comfortable. Having a headache is a dis-ease. Not being able to sleep one night is a dis-order. Having menstrual cramps is a discomfort. Our health issues should not have to manifest into diabetes, heart disease, or cancer to be considered a disease.

What do you think of these there words? Is your body at ease, in order and comfortable? Be pro-ease, pro-order, and pro-comfort. Talk to me today to find out what you can do to achieve true health and vitality.

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  1. Hey Lisa, have you seen this video about angiogenesis?

    It sounded relevant to your posts about modern medicine.