Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"Bioindivduality" is not a word found in Merriam Webster’s dictionary. When typing it in Microsoft Word, there is a red squiggly that runs underneath of it. But to me, it is core to the food and health philosophy that I follow when I coach my clients. Bioindividuality is a really simple concept. It means that everyone and every body is different. A diet and lifestyle that work for your friend will likely not work for you-not because he is better than you, but because you are your own person and own body. Did you just have an “a-ha!” moment? Well, you probably did, because the first time I read of this concept in Integrative Nutrition I nearly fell off my chair. 

This thought is a key component missing in the food and diet industry. The reason why many people chronically fail with diets is not be because they have little will power or a bad support system. It is likely that the very diets that they are following do not work for them! Many people blindly follow a way of eating and living because it is the social norm.  For instance, getting that highly coveted 9 to 5 job or forgoing bread because Atkins is the diet of choice in the moment.  I am proud that I work with clients to identify what diet and lifestyle works best for them and their health. I would love the opportunity to help you identify what works best for you. Send me an email to learn more about my personalized, bioindividual program.

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