Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Room

Happy Monday everyone!
I am ready to attack this week with vigor! It’s quite the statement for Monday morning so you’re probably thinking, “Why or how is that?” Well, here’s the story. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m very excited to start a new career as a Holistic Health Coach. I’ve been doing everything on my checklist but have felt like progress stagnated. Have you ever gotten that feeling? That you have taken all the right steps to accomplish a goal but you can’t seem to break through a wall of inactivity? I’ve been feeling this and I took a step back and evaluated my life. I asked myself – “Why, after doing everything right, am I not progressing?” After a day or so, I realized that I was not making room for success – both physical and emotional room. I moved into my condo on New Year’s Eve (yes, very symbolic I know), but it has not really felt like my home. I have been so focused on receiving my certification and building my business that my condo has been playing second string. So I dedicated the majority of my weekend to getting it in order. It’ll probably never be 100% clean and clear of clutter but I am feeling freer and less bogged down. I’ve been mentally ready for this new chapter in my life but now my physical surroundings are prepared for it as well.
I’m not an expert in Feng Shui but I know that clutter can weigh you down emotionally as well as physically. Having a disorganized environment, especially at home, holds you back from fully focusing on and succeeding in the other areas of your life.  Are you trying to make progress in your life, like lose weight, get a new job, or attract a soul mate, but not getting results? Take a look at your life and surroundings and see what might be physically and/or emotionally weighing you down. Clear your personal clutter to make room for your dreams to come true!
What are you trying to achieve? What clutter stands in your way? What are you going to do about it?

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