Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quote for the Week: "I want what I have"

Every Sunday I will post a quote, thought, or tip to ease you into Monday and carry you throughout the week.
I have an awful habit of ordering magazines and letting them pile up unread. However, one of the magazines I never let linger in my pile for too long is Shape. Yes, it’s a mainstream women’s exercise magazine that has content that I don’t always agree with but I’ve been loyal because it has great exercise tips that are easily translatable to a home make-shift gym and heart-warming stories (those always get to me). This month’s issue has many great tidbits one of which is this week’s quote for the week.
Shape’s “mantra of the month” is “I want what I have.” Well if you have something, why would you want it? It is easy to always wish for more-more money, a bigger house, a more obedient dog, etc. But the key to being happy is to be positive and grateful for what you already have. Having a positive disposition not only makes your day brighter but it can also have tremendous benefits to your physical and emotional health. Dr. Harville Hendrix spoke at my last class and said there is scientific evidence showing that being gracious lowers cortisol levels and increases endorphins and dopamine, thus lessening risks of diseases like heart disease and cancers and improving your mood. When you get a thought that is unappreciative, flip it into a positive thought. Although things could always be better, they can always be worse as well. When you groan that the line at Starbucks is 10 people longer than it was last week, be grateful that you have that luxury to afford that morning cup of joe. If your sixth umbrella of the season breaks from the constant rain, remember that this rain is nourishing plants and flowers that you will see in your garden or your local park.
Some tips to start to shift your mindset to one of appreciation and graciousness:
  • Start the day by looking in the mirror and appreciating your expressive face or your powerful body or your curvy figure
  • Before your meals, take a moment to be gracious for the food in front of you. Thank the farmers who grew the food, job that gave you money to buy the ingredients, or your mom, friend, or partner who made it for you
  • Spend a couple of minutes before bed to look back at your day to recognize the good that happened
  • Ask others “What is new and good with you?”
So what will the glass be? Half empty or half full?

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