Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Episode 1

I finally was able to watch the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight...yes, I'm a bit behind on my television shows, but thank goodness for hulu.

School food is an extremely hot topic right now.  There are books, articles, blogs, and now even a show that feature school food.  I remember eating school lunch as a child. I was part of the government school program and ate the food every day in elementary school.  And a little bit in middle and high school (not so much because I didn't think it was "cool").  I do not remember how I felt during it but I was blessed enough to have mom-made dinners every night.  I couldn't imagine if the saran wrapped buns and flavorless meat patties were my only "meal" of the day, which is the case for many students on the meal plan.

This episode of Food Revolution really opened my eyes to how bad school meals have gotten because I surely do not remember having pizza for breakfast.  Calling it "breakfast pizza" does not justify it to be served for the most important meal of the day.  Imagine starting the day off with gluey cheese and greasy sausage pieces atop a thin layer of flavorless tomato sauce and stale bread.  This is supposed to nourish the future of America for 3-4 hours before their next meal of chicken nuggets and "potato pearls"?  I don't think so!  It's no wonder there are more disciplinary problems and attention issues in schools!  I really look forward to the impact that Jamie Oliver has not only on Huntington's school programs but on its families and communities and hopefully, those across the country who are finally opening their eyes to what we are really putting into our bodies.  Cheers to a revolution!

Have you seen Jamie's show?  Do you think he will be able to make an impact?  What are your experiences and thoughts on the school lunch program?

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