Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tip for the Week: Snacking on Fruit

Every Sunday I will post a quote, thought, or tip to ease you into Monday and carry you throughout the week.

If snacking for you is all about convenience, satiety, and energy, reach for nature's candy: fruit.  There is no need to pack or prepare fruit and the fiber and natural sugar will keep you full and energized without the unhealthy, instant sugar high's and low's you would get from other sugary snacks.

Buy some fresh or frozen fruit and put it front and center where you keep your snacks. Place a bunch of bananas in front of your cookie cabinet or on your kitchen counter. Buy a bag of frozen berries and put it in front of your carton of ice cream. Or bring some apples and oranges to work and put them on your desk so you reach for them instead of taking the walk to the vending machine. Try this for a week and observe how it feels to eat fruit instead of your normal snacks.

What are some techniques you have used to help snack more healthfully?

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